• Preparation of Financial Accounts for Companies, Partnerships and Sole Traders
  • Audit of Company Financial Statements
  • Management Accounts
  • Company Secretarial including incorporation of companies, maintenance of registers and annual returns
  • Registration of Business Names
  • Registration with the Tax Office
  • Application for relevant contracts tax certificate (C2 Certificate)
  • Loan & Grant Applications
  • Tax Advice on Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Value Added Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Capital Acquisitions Tax, PAYE/PRSI System and Relevant Contracts Tax.
  • Book-keeping, VAT Returns, PAYE/PRSI and Relevant Contract Tax Returns
  • General advice in relation to business startup’s
  • Dealing with Revenue Audits and Revenue Investigations.
  • Budgets/Cash flows/Breakeven Analysis for businesses
  • Central Statistics Office Inquiries Forms.
  • Tax Clearance/Liquor Licence/Mineral Oil Licence/Auctioneer Licence.

Accredited mediation courses